Frequently Asked Questions

Why write yet another open source renderer when there are plenty already?

As far as we know, only Cycles is trying to catter to the specific needs of production rendering. appleseed is anterior to Cycles.

Why don't you team up with other open source renderer writers to develop the ultimate renderer?

There is probably no such thing as the "ultimate renderer", and developers have different needs, different itches to scratch, etc. Like many other products, a renderer represents a collection of choices and compromises. We believe a variety of renderers are needed to satisfy all users and all use cases.

Does appleseed support GPU rendering?

We are very open to GPU rendering but we don't think the technology is mature enough yet to achieve our goals such as rendering large scenes with heavy motion blur, render-time displacement and programmable shading. Moreover, compute-based rendering (CUDA, OpenCL) is still plagued by driver issues, even today.

Is appleseed an unbiased renderer?

Depending on the scene setup, appleseed can either be "almost unbiased", or wildly biased. If it is configured properly and if no warning is reported during rendering, sampling is the only source of bias.

Is there any documentation?

Yes. There is a Quick Start guide and there are tutorials and screencasts. For developers, there is a development wiki with reference documents and guides to build appleseed on all major platforms. We believe documentation is an essential component of a successful open source project so we are working hard to continuously add new documentation and improve the existing one.

appleseed is a cute name. Is it a reference to the animation movie Appleseed?

It is indeed a wink at this remarkable movie. But it is unrelated.