Mayased 0.1.8 Release

After a long wait we've released the latest version of Mayaseed full of new features and looking a bit more battle tested. As always there is a more to come but there is a lot of new stuff to play with here. As for what's next, we have identified a few areas for improvement that will translate into some significant speed improvements, especially when motion blur is enabled.

Release notes

  • Native appleseed Shading materials and shading nodes
  • Material conversion from Blinn, Phong, Lambert and surfaceShader materials to Mayaseed shading networks
  • Camera Transformation Blur
  • Object Transformation Blur
  • Object Deformation Blur
  • C++ .obj exporter (compiled for Mac OS Maya 64-bit version 2012 & 2013 and Windows Maya 64-bit 2013, source code included)
  • Updated documentation (now available in the appleseedhq website)
  • Added utilities for rendering sequences of .appleseed files
  • Tonnes of bug fixes

This version is bundled with the latest release of appleseed (1.1.0 alpha-15) which you will need for your exports to work.

Download for all platforms here

Mayaseed 0.1.7 Release

After a long wait here's the latest version of Mayaseed. The most exciting thing is new documentation and as always bug fixes.

Release Notes

  • Added documentation
  • Fixed bug in shading network baking
  • Fixed bug in installation script for windows
  • Fixed a bug in the render setting node AE template that caused the camera attribute to be forgotten

Download for all platforms here

Mayaseed 0.1.5 Release

Heres the latest version of Mayaseed, version 0.1.5, a few new features and bug fixes. The main feature this time is the ability to bake maya render nodes to textures for rendering in appleseed, enjoy!

Release notes

  • Added the option to convert maya shading nodes to exr textures
  • Colors are now normalised by default
  • A bug has been fixed that stopped the attribute editor from loading correctly due to a renamed function

Download for all platforms here

Mayaseed 0.1.4 Release

Heres the latest version of Mayaseed, version 0.1.4, this is a minor release fixing a small but that prevented the render from finishing in some scenes.

Release notes

  • A bug has been fixed that prevented the export from finishing due to a missing version string in

Download for all platforms here

Mayaseed 0.1.3 Release

Heres the latest version of Mayaseed, the link to download is below. As it's the first version I will substitute the release notes for a list of the main features.

Main features

  • Node based render settings
  • Create environments with the Appleseed Environment node
  • Automatic texture conversion to EXR
  • Simple Maya file based installer
  • Automatic generic shader translation of maya Lambert, Blinn, Phong and Surface shader
  • Per Maya shader translation attributes
  • Python module of useful commands

Download for all platforms here

Welcome to my blog

Hi there, welcome to my new blog. Its mainly a place for me to talk about Mayaseed and more importantly for me, a place for people to talk back.

So without further ado, Mayseed is an exporter to get your scenes and shaders from Maya into appleeed, I've recently finished rewriting it as a node based plugin and thought that it was time to get organised and make a blog. Like appleseed, Mayaseed is open source and licensed under the MIT licence so feel free to download it and do whatever you like with it. At the moment it's really a hobby but its not far from being usable. As it's a hobby and I'm not a professional developer by any stretch of the imagination there will be bugs and limitations, some of which I know about and will fix and some of which I dont, which is where you come in, if you guys report bugs I can fix them, and then everyone is happy

I will be posting releases on this blog but you can also download the latest version from github here

Also, I have a personal website here for anyone who's interested



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Workaround for Visual Studio's infamous error C2719

In Visual Studio 2005, 2010 and possibly many other versions, whenever you try to store aligned data structures into a std::vector you'll get the following error:

error C2719: '_Val': formal parameter with __declspec(align('16')) won't be aligned

Here's a code snippet that triggers this error:

#include <vector>

struct __declspec(align(16)) S
    int x;

int main()
    std::vector<S> v;
    return 0;

This is a well known and well documented issue in Visual Studio's implementation of the STL library.

The common workaround seems to revolve around dropping std::vector in favor of some kind of custom container that doesn't have this problem.

I found another workaround that I didn't see mentioned elsewhere: templatize the data structure that requires alignment. Here is an example that compiles and appears to work correctly:

#include <vector>

template <typename>
struct __declspec(align(16)) S
    int x;

int main()
    std::vector<S<void>> v;
    return 0;

Obviously the template parameter isn't used and can be set to anything.

Update Feb. 22, 2012: It's not so simple. The dreaded C2719 error may appear again if the type (S<void>) was instantiated earlier in the translation unit, but this will also depend on the bitness (32-bit vs. 64-bit), the alignment value and probably the size of S<void>. To summarize:

Type instantiated earlier? Bitness Alignment Result
No Any Any OK
Yes 32-bit 16 bytes C2719
Yes 32-bit 32 bytes C2719
Yes 32-bit 64 bytes C2719
Yes 64-bit 16 bytes OK
Yes 64-bit 32 bytes OK
Yes 64-bit 64 bytes C2719


Update Feb. 23, 2012: I outlined a more robust solution in this post on StackOverflow.