Render Layers Assignment Rules

Regular expression render layer rules match on entity paths.

The entity_type parameter allows to restrict matching to a certain type of entities. The following entity types are supported: assembly, assembly_instance, edf, environment_edf, environment_shader, light, material, object, object_instance, surface_shader.

Regular expression patterns use the Perl syntax: cheat sheet, examples.

An important note: at the moment, AOVs only get rendered in Final Rendering mode, not in Interactive Rendering mode.

Let’s use the built-in Cornell Box for an example: open the scene (File → Open Built-in Project → Cornell Box), then create a new Render Layer Assignment rule (right-click on Project → Rules → Render Layer Assignments in the Project Explorer). Enter short block in the Render Layer field. Enter short_block for the Pattern field. Leave Entity Type to All.

Regular Expression Render Layer Assignment Rule Dialog

This rule will match the short_block object and place it into its own render layer. Render in Final Rendering mode (F6 in Click on the Save All AOVs… toolbar button above the rendered image and enter a filename (e.g. cb.exr). Two files will get created: cb.exr and cb.short_block.exr:

Cornell Box AOVs

Note that while the main output (cb.exr) uses the color space defined in the frame (sRGB in the case of the built-in Cornell Box), all AOVs are always expressed in linear RGB.