We love screencasts. Although they're available for streaming on Vimeo, we decided to also provide direct links to the original QuickTime videos since they're much sharper. Meet Jon, and enjoy.

Getting Started

 Episode 1: The Basics   (QuickTime Video)
In this screencast Jon goes through the download and installation of appleseed and explains how to start as it's less obvious than it sounds!

 Episode 2: The User Interface   (QuickTime Video)
In Episode 2, Jon covers the basics of rendering with using the Nuts & Bolts test scene.

 Episode 3: Creating a Scene
In this episode, Jon will guide you through the various steps involved in creating a scene from scratch without leaving He will cover the basics of importing geometry and textures as well as creating and applying materials, and he'll probably bitch a lot about how tedious the process really is at this stage of development. Stay tuned.

Going Deeper

 Episode 4: Render Layers
In episode 5 you will get to know how to split your render into layers and how layers can really change the way you think about colors and lighting.