appleseed, by /*jupiter jazz*/

(By Fran├žois Beaune, founder and lead architect of appleseed.)

I'm proud to announce that /*jupiter jazz*/, the awesome VFX company behind AtomKraft and many other products and open source tools, has entered into a long-term technology licensing agreement that resulted in the acquisition of appleseed. Starting from today, appleseed becomes "Jupiter Jazz's appleseed". Naturally, appleseed will remain a true open source project and will continue using the very permissive MIT license for all source code releases.

This acquisition is fantastic news: not only is the development of appleseed now financed, opening the door to many cool possibilities such as rendering contests with monetary prizes or short animation projects, on the longer term appleseed will also benefit from the development resources of /*jupiter jazz*/ and of the many connections it has in the VFX industry.

The full press release can be found here.

To celebrate this event, Fran├žois Gilliot (also from /*jupiter jazz*/), Ulric Santore and I created a (very) short animation called WRECK:

You can also download the full resolution animation (107 MB) [alternative link].

The source materials for this animation (geometry, textures, uncompressed soundtrack and raw OpenEXR frames) will be available for download shortly. We decided to license everything under the most accommodating of the Creative Commons 3.0 licenses.



excellent result!

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Thanks! That was a really


That was a really quick experiment. We'll be making another animation (about one minute long) this year to test appleseed "on the field" and showcase some of its features. We'll be doing it in the open, on this site.