Feature Preview: Deformation Motion Blur

The deformation motion blur feature is coming along nicely (appleseed already supports arbitrary camera motion blur). It will be the main feature of alpha-12, the (long overdue) next release of appleseed which, if all goes well, should be available around the third week of April. (The other big feature is a nearly complete rewrite of the ray tracing core for improved performance.)

Our implementation of deformation motion blur is fully ray tracing-based (sometimes called "3D motion blur") and does not involve any post-processing. Every vertex of every triangle may move along a different trajectory during the shutter open time of the camera. Specular highlights will appear motion blur. Motion will be visible through diffuse/glossy/specular reflection and refraction. Moving objects will cast moving shadows, etc. No trick. And motion blur works during interactive rendering too.

Deformation motion blur is a big deal, and is one of the three pillars of production rendering (together with robust, flicker-free, artifact-free displacement and programmable shading). Few open source renderers support deformation motion blur with arbitrarily many motion segments and varying number of motion segments per triangle.

Here's a quick test render:

And an annotated version of the same render to highlight some features of interest:

(The horse model was made by user Atom on ShareCG and can be downloaded here.)

There is still optimization work to be done, a few small bugs to be fixed and some holidays to be taken before we can make the new release, so stay tuned.



This looks very good!
I look very much forward at testing it!
Awesome work :D

Motion blur

This is amazing how motion blur can do that, especially as "motion blurred specular highlights" are clearly more realistic and i'd like to test it too. That look pretty cool!
Good job.