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We're financing our second animation project. Mescaline is the working title of a one and a half minute long, full CG animation we're producing internally to battlefield appleseed in a realistic production environment. Our deadline is January 31st, 2013 and, if all goes well, we will submit the animation to the 37th edition of the International Animated Film Festival of Annecy.

The animation is based on a story by François Gilliot (Pistols), Kim Uittenhove and François Beaune (Franz) and is directed by François Gilliot. I'm taking care of developing and improving the rendering technology in appleseed and I'm in charge of rendering the animation. Ulric Santore is responsible for the sound effects and the sound track. Jonathan Topf (Jon) might join us for the animation, compositing and for the Mayaseed side of things, depending on how much free time he can spare from his other movie making duties. We might also ask for help to some other in-house magicians.

This forum is dedicated to the exchanges amongst the team members. Feel free to add your voice to let us know what you think.


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Hello there, the other François speaking.

I will direct this little short.

We have been working on Mescaline since we started to talk about it last month. We are currently defining the story with François, trying to make it short and fun and doable.

I've been already working on the character designs, environements and global look and feel of this short. You can see some concepts I did in the "concept art" section of this forum. I'll share as many things as possible, feel free to say what you think of it !

See you soon with more pixels and vertices.