alpha 16, difference btwn PT and DRT

Hey Franz,

Not sure if you noticed, but I posted some images in the works in progress comparing the PT and DRT and for the UH-60 helo render there is some difference, especially in light coming in through the windows and bouncing around inside the cockpit. Also, finally got around to trying alpha 16 and now my transmap test scene renders as expected. Maybe I'll try rendering some figures that use transmapped hair. I was working on a render of a MIG-21 jet, but the results are disappointing. I've had a difficult time finding a good MIG-21 model. Found a free one that looked OK, but when rendered I wasn't so happy with it. If anyone knows of a good MIG-21 please let me know. Between the hurricane (I live in NJ USA) and the start of a new semester at school I've been pretty busy and haven't been playing with the rendering stuff for a while. Looking forward to getting back to it.



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Re: alpha 16, difference btwn PT and DRT

Hey Wally,

Hope everything's fine after the hurricane!

Glad that alpha-16 is working for you. I think I've missed the PT vs DRT comparison, I will check it out and comment on it.

We've been very quiet lately mostly because we're very busy with Mescaline, our work-in-progress short animation. Things are going very well and we'll post some WIP footage soon. We'll also release alpha-17 soon, with many new features and fixes.