July News

We may have been quiet these last few months but we certainly haven't been idle. A tremendous amount of work has happened behind the scene and we felt it was time for an update, so here are some news. Read more...

Mayaseed 0.1.7 Released

Jon just released Mayaseed 0.1.7 featuring a very extensive documentation and several bug fixes. As usual it's on Jon's blog.

Mescaline Announcement

We're financing our second animation project! Mescaline is the working title of a one and a half minute long, full CG animation we're producing internally to battle-test appleseed in a realistic production environment. Read more...


We will be at HPG 2012

I (Franz) will be at HPG 2012 in Paris tonight (Tuesday 26th) for the social event, drop me a line in the comments if you'll attend as well and want to meet!

Feature Preview: Maya Integration

Haggi Krey is working on mayaToAppleseed, an open source integration of appleseed into Maya:

Devkit for Windows/Visual Studio 2010

We just released the first version of the appleseed development kit, based on appleseed 1.1.0 alpha-12, for Visual Studio 2010 on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

Devkits allow to embed appleseed into a C++ application, for example to build a tight integration of appleseed into an authoring/modeling application.

Project File Format Reference

We published the first draft of the  Project File Format Reference in the development wiki. This document describes in details the format of appleseed project files (files with the .appleseed extension).

We will enrich and update this document over time. Please help us improve it by reporting errors, omissions, typos, etc. You can simply comment this post, no login required.