Feature Preview: Deformation Motion Blur

The deformation motion blur feature is coming along nicely (appleseed already supports arbitrary camera motion blur). It will be the main feature of alpha-12, the (long overdue) next release of appleseed which, if all goes well, should be available around the third week of April. (The other big feature is a nearly complete rewrite of the ray tracing core for improved performance.) Read more...

Server Outage [Updated]

We had a server outage today. We are currently investigating the cause of this outage. Sorry for the inconvenience. Read more...

Mayaseed 0.1.4 Released

Jon just released Mayaseed 0.1.4, a complete rewrite of his Maya-to-appleseed translator. Check out the announcement on his new blog for the release notes and the download link.

Blenderseed 1.1.4 Released

We just released Blenderseed 1.1.4. This is a minor release fixing translation of transparent/refractive materials and export of dupli objects.

You can download Blenderseed 1.1.4 by right-clicking here and saving the file to disk.

appleseed 1.1.0 alpha-11 Released

We just released appleseed 1.1.0 alpha-11. This is a minor release featuring improved display during progressive rendering and a few important bug fixes.

Check the release notes for the full list of changes. Read more...

Stuff Keeps Coming!

We decided it was time to get the conversation started so Jon, now the "voice" of appleseed, plugged his mic and made a couple of screencasts covering the basics of appleseed. We'll get onto more advanced topics over the coming weeks so stay tuned.

We also started to upload some test scenes, you'll find them under Downloads→Test Scenes.

WRECK Sources Released

As promised a month ago, we're releasing the entire source data of WRECK, a short test animation we did to celebrate our acquisition by /*jupiter jazz*/. Read more...