appleseed 1.1.0 alpha-15 Release Notes

These are the release notes for appleseed 1.1.0 alpha-15. This release also includes Blenderseed 1.3.3 and Mayaseed 0.1.8.

You can check the full list of changes (you may want to select another branch than master to see the latest commits) and the full list of known issues on GitHub.

What's new in this release


  • Added a complete set of Python bindings (compatible with Python 2 and Python 3).
  • Added support for transformation motion blur of assembly instances.
  • Added support for per-face materials.
  • Added support for bump mapping.
  • Added support for PNG textures.
  • Added support for nested assemblies.
  • Added a "Collection" surface shader model that allows to output arbitrarily many AOVs in a single render pass. In combination with the existing "Diagnostics" surface shader, it is now possible to simultaneously output normals, UV coordinates, occlusion etc. with a single render.
  • Greatly improved performances of the purely specular BTDF.
  • Added an "alpha mode" on texture instances that allows to choose the source of alpha values: the texture's alpha channel, or the texture's RGB luminance.
  • Removed redundant multipliers from the Constant, Constant Hemisphere and Gradient Environment EDF.
  • Emit a warning if an environment EDF has a null exitance.
  • Detect and report invalid values (such as NaN or negative values) in pixel samples.
  • A warning is now emitted if a camera or an assembly instance has one or more invalid transforms.

  • New dialog window to assign multiple materials to object instances.
  • The Same Frame entry in the render widget context menu now only saves the main image. Added a Save All AOVs entry to save all AOVs.
  • Added a Clear Frame entry to the render widget context menu.
  • The previous render is now darkened before a new render starts.
  • New View menu to show/hide dockable panels.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the File menu now follow the conventions of each platform.


  • appleseed.cli now emits progress messages during rendering.


  • --dump-entity-definitions now also dumps the definition of the color entity.
  • --dump-entity-definitions now writes to stdout instead of stderr.

What's fixed in this release


  • Critical bug fix: lighting was incorrect in presence of materials with alpha maps (incorrect occlusion).
  • Fixed a bug in tangent space computation that would lead to incorrect normal mapping.
  • Fhe "Fast SSS" surface shader was not handling non-physical lights such as point lights and spot lights correctly. Thanks Yansi for the report.
  • Fixed issue #174: objects with an EDF but no BSDF appear black. Thanks wallyr for the report.
  • Fixed loading of OBJ files generated by PoseRay when vertex normals are not output (wallyr).
  • Fixed the "BSDF Mix" model when mixing two purely specular BSDFs (wallyr).
  • The light tracer no longer crashes in presence of materials without a BSDF (jon).
  • Background pixels in AOVs are now transparent (just like in the main color buffer).
  • Clamped roughness in the Kelemen BRDF so that using a roughness value of 0 results in a correct image (wallyr).
  • Cameras no longer systematically have an identity transform at t=0.0.

  • Added missing Aspect Ratio input widget to camera entities.
  • Fixed an annoyance in the render settings dialog where scrolling with the mouse wheel would lead to inadvertent changes in spin boxes and comboboxes.