Introduction is a graphical application to inspect, debug, tweak and render scenes.

Keyboard Shortcuts

LMB = left mouse button
MMB = middle mouse button
RMB = right mouse button

Warning: on macOS, replace Ctrl by Cmd.


Keys Action
Ctrl+N New project
Ctrl+O Open project
Ctrl+R Reload project
Ctrl+S Save project

Main Interface

Keys Action
F11 Show/hide all panels
Ctrl+Shift+S Save settings
Ctrl+Shift+R Reload settings
Escape Cancel and close window

Entity Editor

Enter Apply changes
Ctrl+Enter Apply changes and close window


Keys Action
Ctrl+LMB+drag Rotate camera
Ctrl+MMB+drag Truck camera
Ctrl+RMB+drag Dolly camera
Shift+LMB+drag Move render in viewport
Shift+LMB Focus on viewport
LMB Select entity (based on entity picking mode)
Shift+RMB Open render widget context menu
RMB Open entity context menu
Del Delete selected entity

The following shortcuts require that you first focus on the viewport by pressing Shift and clicking with the left mouse button on the render:

Keys Action
Ctrl+C Copy render to clipboard
F Frame selected object
R Set render region
C Clear render region
X Clear frame
I Toggle pixel inspector
+ Zoom in
- Zoom out
* Reset zoom


Keys Action
F5 Start interactive rendering
F6 Start final rendering
Shift+F5 Stop interactive/final rendering
F7 Rendering settings
Ctrl+Shift+1 Color diagnostic mode
Ctrl+Shift+2 Coverage diagnostic mode
Ctrl+Shift+3 Barycentric coordinates diagnostic mode
Ctrl+Shift+4 UV coordinates diagnostic mode
Ctrl+Shift+5 Tangents diagnostic mode
Ctrl+Shift+6 Bitangents diagnostic mode
Ctrl+Shift+7 Geometric normals diagnostic mode
Ctrl+Shift+8 Shading normals diagnostic mode
Ctrl+Shift+9 Unmodified shading normals [1] diagnostic mode

[1] Unmodified shading normals are shading normals before bump/normal mapping has been applied.


Keys Action
Ctrl+Shift+T Open unit tests window
Ctrl+Shift+B Open unit benchmarks window