Getting Started

Getting Started

The very basics: downloading and installing appleseed, starting up appleseed.studio and rendering the built-in Cornell Box scene.

We are actively working on additional tutorials. Thanks for your patience.

Reference Documentation

appleseed Apps, Plugins and Tools

appleseed OSL Nodes

Disney BRDF & Material

Disney’s principled BRDF model is available in appleseed in two forms: as a standard appleseed BRDF (“Disney BRDF”), and as a custom layered material (“Disney Material”).

The best reference for the Disney reflection model is probably RenderMan’s PxrDisney documentation.


appleseed’s Disney material allows using arbitrary expressions for any of its inputs. Expressions follow Disney’s SeExpr syntax. Please refer the SeExpr User Documentation for details.


The wiki on GitHub also contains documentation that you may find useful.

Conference Materials

FMX 2015

Franz was invited by Filmakademie to present appleseed at FMX 2015 during a one hour talk.

Here are the slides and the appleseed.studio lookdev video used during the talk: